Financial Analytics Services

Increase Profits with Financial Analytics Services in Los Angeles from Booxmax

The accounting professionals at Booxmax are excellent at sharing their considerable expertise to help businesses succeed, grow and conquer new frontiers. Our personalized service and deep understanding of various industries has earned us the patronage of solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and established companies in Los Angeles. 

Cash Flow Management

Our cash flow management service is helping clients invest in new products/services, fund strategic initiatives and prune debt. We work closely with you to determine the areas where cash needs are likely to occur and the best ways to meet additional cash needs.

More businesses go bankrupt from not being able to pay their bills on timely, rather than because they are not generating enough revenues. Our cash flow analysis presents a well-rounded picture of your company’s financial health. We prepare cash flow statements, taking into consideration cash from operations, investing and financing.

We can develop monthly, quarterly, and annual cash flow projections, ensuring you have sufficient working capital to meet your operational needs and business goals. Our historical cash flow statements form projections of future cash flows that judiciously guide your financial decisions.

Business Budgeting Service

It is impossible to control the finances of a business without a budget. We use appropriate budgeting methods to create a budget that supports your business objectives. With a clear understanding of how to plan expenditure and restrict excessive spending, you can run operations smoothly, pay down debt unfailingly and still make investments in profit-generating opportunities.

As budgeting is a key component of management control systems, our work doesn’t stop at preparing and handing-off your business budget. We also monitor it annually or from time to time.

Budgets are not set in stone; they can be reviewed and revised as necessary, which is often the case for a growing business that plans to expand to new areas. Revisions may also be needed to make allowances for a one-time event or to reallocate surpluses to recurring deficient operational areas. We are available to maintain the efficacy of your budget on an ongoing basis.

Financial Analytics Service

If you have questions such as, “Which customer segments can generate the highest margins in the future?,  How can we make our business processes more efficient?” Financial analytics has the answer to your specific business questions and offers predictive insights into your company’s future finances. Forward-looking businesses leverage financial analytics for more decision-making power on the critical areas that can directly impact the bottom line.

Our financial analytics service in Los Angeles assesses internal financial information, operational information and external data to recommend real-time decisions that improve day-to-day operations, create adaptive processes, and increase the accuracy of financial and business forecasts. Get in touch today to learn about how we can customize an accounting, cash flow management, budgeting and financial analytics package for your business.