Business Consulting and Advisory Services

Business Consulting and Advisory Services

Booxmax offers business consulting and advisory services through its affiliates. Our team  has helped businesses of all sizes and across all phases (start-up to established) maximize their profit potential, grow and expand. As your trusted advisor, we don’t quit after recommending solutions, rather, stick around to implement and embed them into your business. We also assist you throughout the year because solid business advice is equally useful during lean and profitable periods.

How Can We Help?

Broadly, our Los Angeles based business consulting service determines areas of improvement, develops success plans and assists with due diligence at the time of business mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, we can advise you on all aspects of financial and business management, including succession planning, compliance and tax planning matters, as well as provide CFO services to manage all accounting and finance related responsibilities on your company’s behalf.

Specifically, we can help your business make effective strategic decisions and improve operational efficiency in the following ways:

  • Conduct a business assessment to identify problem areas, determine strengths and weaknesses, and identify opportunities for process and workflow improvements. As an independent, external advisor, our review and recommendations are unbiased and objective.
  • Review internal controls across various functions to determine whether internal controls are working as designed (or if they exist). We recommend an annual review to ensure that operations are running at their maximum efficiency, internal control activities are sufficient for the current risk environment, and compliance requirements pertaining to local, state and federal laws are being met.
  • Cash management runs in our veins! Our experienced accounting professionals will improve your current cash flow management system, or if broken we will fix it and keep the crisis at bay. We have a solid track-record of helping businesses free up cash, boost capital velocity and improve ROIC while maintaining growth at the relentless pace of today’s markets.

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We provide recommendations that are easy to implement and in keeping with your business circumstances and values. Our goal is to maximize, strengthen and enhance without taking undue risk, wasting resources or proposing innovations/new methodologies just for the sake of it.
If you’re looking to put your business back on track, review your current operations, explore new opportunities or ready to expand your footprint, contact us today.